Rating Logic

There are four potential ratings for all restaurants and cafés in Yerevan and its environs:

Superb, Not Bad, It’s Alright, and Crap.

Several factors are taken into account for every rating, including:

Quality of service: The overall dining experience.

Persona of service: The charm of the host and waitstaff–was the waitstaff friendly and accommodating, do they know whats’s on the menu, do they know the ingredients in each dish, did they engage the Great Garbanzo and guests in chit-chat, and most importantly, did they smile at least once during the visit?

Presentation of food: The overall aesthetics of the food and drink.

Flavor of food: The intensity of sensations and titillations produced in the Great Garbanzo by the chef.

Decor: Lighting, furniture, look and feel, overall ambiance.

Cleanliness of facilities: No explanation necessary.